Restaurant Petrus-ь

Special proposal

Looking for best liquors? Come to PETRUS Looking for best liquors? Come to PETRUS 16.11.2017 Petrus is proud of its homemade liquors (35 UAH for 50 ml) – horseradish vodka, mead, cranberry vodka, cherry liquor and sea-buckthorn liquor. They are all made with the ancient recipes and are very popular with our guests. You can also purchase the gift liquor bottles, making a wonderful Christmas present.
Warming cocktails in «PetruS-ь» restaurant Warming cocktails in «PetruS-ь» restaurant 29.09.2015 With the coming of autumn days we more and more often think about such wonderful beverages as mulled wine and grog, which don’t usually come to our mind in summer. Nothing could be better in wet autumn weather than to wrap yourself with a warm blanket and to drink a warming cocktail. Any time of a day or a night restaurant varenichnaya “Petrus” offers its guests a special proposal - “Warming Cocktails”. Sipping hot sangria at the ...
Strawberry menu in «PetruS-ь» restaurant Strawberry menu in «PetruS-ь» restaurant 30.05.2015 «PetruS-ь» restaurant opens a strawberry season. Our strawberry menu will gladden all the lovers of this sweet berry with our best summer dishes.